Blackie tumbler (Orange) - limited edition

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For us, a beautiful vessel to drink from is about nourishing your soul, while the contents nourish your body. Great design combined with art helps make enven the most mundane moment special.

So true to our ethos to create products that nourish the body AND soul we have created these gorgeous LIMITED EDITION Blackie tumblers – a partnership involving two other kiwi firms.

These tumblers themselves were made by the 100 year old, family run, Maruasa Porcelain factory in Japan. They truly were created on a hillside shrouded with cherry blossoms every spring.

When we found these tumblers, we immediately knew they were perfect for us and Blackie. Firstly, being 300mls they are the perfect size for your Friendly Fantail turmeric latte. Those that know us know that we are also most partial to a tumbler…we have in fact LOTS. But these are BEAUTIFUL. They feel so lovely to hold – not just because of the size and the shape which is most definitely exquisite – but also because they feel so gorgeous to the touch. They have a gloss glaze on the inside, but the outside is this stunning matt glaze that feels just extraordinary.

In Japanese green tea tradition, to avoid bruising the tea leaves, green tea is made with warmed rather than boiling water. True to this tradition, these tumblers are designed for warm and hot rather than boiling drinks in mind. Porcelain also keeps cool drinks cool for longer. All of which makes these beauties not only perfect for your warmed turmeric latte, but also your fragrant specialty and green teas, and let’s be honest, a nice cool wine too!

We have added Blackie, our lovely piwakawaka in four signature colours. This makes for a spectacular set of exquisite tumblers.  

Blackie tumblers are also available in Pink, Soft Green and Blue...or is sets of four (one of each colour).

Porcelain is a natural product and will exhibit natural variations in the product and in the glaze coverage and effect. We reckon you’ll love them.

Blackie and his sun have been applied by hand (and fired at super high heat) so there may be some variation.

And yes, these are dishwasher safe.