Covid 19 Update

Dear Friendly Fantail friends,

We hope you are managing in these challenging times.  We understand that for many of our lovely friends this is a very, very stressful time.

As an essential serve providing food both direct to consumers and to organic and specialty stores around New Zealand, under Level 4 we are able to continue operating and sending you product at this time.  We are so happy about this because at stressful times like this our bodies need extra help - and Friendly Fantail is one way that you can give both your body and your mind a much needed boost.

It is important that you know we are very aware of the risks of COVID-19 - particularly with one of our team having an extremely compromised immune system.  So we want to assure you we are following the advice and guidelines set out by the NZ Government and the World Health Organisation and have made a number of changes to our order fulfillment process.

It is our commitment to you, that only one person will be fulfilling orders.  That person will have followed our manufacturing health and safety process including; Before fulfilling any order, the team member will have gone though our pre-production checks and will be wearing the gear we use for production.  That is to say hands will have been washed and sanitized, they will be wearing a freshly laundered overalls, as well as single use gloves, a bouffant cap and a mask.  The safety gear will not be removed until the package is in the "contact-less" spot ready for courier collection.  All our product - even before covid-19 - is always stored in sealed containers of 50 units meaning the product and packets themselves are very safe.  All surfaces are sanitized before and after order fulfillment.

We will endeavour to keep this information as current as possible as we progress into Level 4 lock down and will be updating changes to our services via social media.

Kia Kaha and nga mihi arohanui,

Emma and the Friendly Fantail team