Our Story

I used to love my tea and coffee but like many people today, chose to give it up to help my body handle the rigors of modern life.  There was a problem though - I really missed the rituals of tea and coffee: the waiting for the water to boil, letting the tea stew, taking a moment to rest and enjoy my favourite spot in the sun under my cherry blossom tree where my little friendly fantail would come and chat to me.  Plus I missed having something to enjoy when friends and family wanted a cuppa.  And boy did I miss the cafe scene!  I grew up in Christchurch and loved the central city cafe scene pre earthquakes.  I also spent some 14 years in Melbourne – so enjoying a cafe experience most definitely part of my dna.  After 2 years off caffeine, one day I had a green tea and before you know it my body was craving three green teas a day to again get a caffeine fix.    

Hence the birth of my quest for a yummy, healthy, caffeine free hot drink.

Fast forward to New Year’s eve 2015 and my beautiful  Jonny was diagnosed with a very serious illness.  We decided to do everything possible to aid his body to fight naturally – through diet, lifestyle and meditation.  During the course of this journey we have completely changed our diets.  Not that we had a bad diet before – we always had our 7 veges and fruit a day, more usually, but in helping his body through diet we have become converts to "food as medicine" and within that philosophy, the power of turmeric.

 Turmeric is a strong anti inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant.  It lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents cancer, supports the digestion and immune systems, aids healthy brain function and eases arthritic conditions.  It has been used for some 4000 years in Indian holistic medicine – in fact one of turmeric’s many names in Sanskrit – jayanti – means ‘One that wins over diseases’.  It’s also the herb that gives curry it’s fabulous colour.  And even today Indian meals include liberal amounts of Turmeric.  And interestingly India has among the lowest rates of lung, colon, prostate and breast cancers in the world.  

Unable to find a turmeric drink in the supermarket, I researched turmeric drink and golden milk recipes.  I made a few but to be frank they were all pretty ordinary.  Except for one.  One was absolutely gorgeous.  I made another batch following the very same recipe but it didn’t taste the same.  Curious I thought.  I tried again following the same recipe to a tee.  Still not the same. I tried other recipes but with no joy.  Clearly I had had a happy accident in the making of that recipe and had stumbled across the perfect blend for me.  The only problem was - I had to work out what I’d done!  Imagine many joyful hours experimenting, sampling and forcing the latest blend down my long suffering Jonny’s throat!  (Although I must add that no harm has been caused to any people, animals or land in the making of this product!! )  I sourced Turmeric latte mixes from around the world and did many blind testings.  We tried it in all sorts of ways.  And eventually we honed a recipe we love.

Over time friends have been tempted by my gorgeous latte and have been badgering me to sell them some...Hence the birth of our Friendly Fantail Turmeric Latte blend.

I do hope you enjoy it...most importantly I hope you can make a moment to relax and enjoy something you love – in my case a chat with Blackie, our resident friendly fantail.  The little black piwakawaka who inspired this journey.