Turmeric for Pain

We Can Help You if You’re Considering Using Turmeric for Pain

If you’re experiencing discomfort in day to day life, we can offer delicious, caffeine-free drinks that contain turmeric for pain. It may help with a wide range of pain-related problems. Besides, it’s the best value for money in New Zealand, we deliver it quickly, and it tastes great! Choose Friendly Fantail, and we’ll supply your turmeric and curcumin needs with your new favourite hot drink!

What Separates Us from Our Competitors When You Need Turmeric for Knee Pain

Below you’ll find a list of things that separate us from our competition:

  • Our orders are out for quick delivery, and you will typically receive it within two days. We want our clients to experience the delicious products we have to offer as soon as they order it. That’s why we always try to get them to you as quickly as possible.
  • We offer 100g and 300g packs for your convenience. Our 100g packs have 80 servings in them, which means you truly do get the best value for money. If you’re looking to buy servings for your café, we recommend our 300g packs so your customers will always have a delicious turmeric latte available.
  • We provide all the foodies out there with excellent ideas for recipes. Whether you’re looking for a yummy application of our latte mixes with your roast chicken or a way to turn our lattes into your new favourite muffins, we can help you do it.

Whether you need quick delivery, enough for the whole family, or excellent food recipes that include our lattes, we can provide it.

What You Can Always Expect from Our Products Containing Turmeric for Pain Relief

Here’s a list of things you can always expect from us when you use our services:

  • In Ayurvedic medicine, a way to get the most out of turmeric or curcumin is by consuming black pepper alongside it. This method results in the black pepper activating the curcumin, so your body better absorbs the nutrients it has to offer.
  • We include cacao in our products, which is high in magnesium. The benefits of magnesium include increased bone health, lowering the risk of type-2 diabetes, improved muscular health, and more.
  • Other ingredients in our delicious latte mixes include cinnamon and ginger. Our products are also organic, caffeine-, gluten-, dairy-, refined sugar-, preservative-, and nut-free. This means that regardless of the diet you’re on, you get to enjoy our delicious lattes whenever you want.

Why We’re Cost-Effective When You Need Turmeric for Joint Pain

We offer the best cost-per-serve turmeric latte mixes available in New Zealand. When you buy any of our 100g products, you end up paying no more than 31 cents per serving. Our quick deliveries offer you easily accessible lattes whenever you need them, not to mention we offer returns on any new, unopened products within 30 days. We will also pay for the return shipping costs if the return results from an error on our end.

Whether you’re new to our lattes or not, you’ll soon be experiencing the benefits that Ayurvedic practices have to offer. You’ll soon be replacing all your regular teas and coffees with our delicious turmeric lattes. Call us today, and you’ll soon be enjoying our excellent quality lattes anywhere, anytime.