Turmeric Latte Powder NZ

Our Turmeric Latte Powder in NZ is the Healthy Drink Everyone Needs

Regardless of the season, you’ll want to get your hands on our turmeric latte powder in NZ. Our high-quality, delicious mixes are the best value for money you’ll find anywhere in New Zealand. Our community and consumers have given us a five-star rating, so you know that whenever you buy from Friendly Fantail, you’re getting the best latte mixes available.

Benefits of Using Our Services When You Need Turmeric Latte Mix in NZ

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll always experience when you buy from us:

  • We always use the highest quality spices in our latte mixes. We certify our raw ingredients as organic products and ensure they contain the highest levels of available curcumin.
  • Our products are always handmade, which means you enjoy artisanal latte mixes from us every time. Our professionals work hard to ensure that every latte we make is as delicious as it should be, so you get the flavour and experience deserve.
  • We offer lattes that suit virtually any diet, including vegan and paleo diets. Since our turmeric lattes are caffeine-, gluten-, refined sugar-, nut-, and preservative-free, you’ll have no problem making it a part of any specific dietary plan.

What You Should Know About Turmeric and Curcumin in NZ

Here’s a list of interesting things you might want to know about our mixes:

  • Turmeric is also known as the spice that provides curry with its yellow colouring. It might sound strange adding this to a latte, but Ayurvedic medicinal practices have been using turmeric for thousands of years and various reasons.
  • In Ayurvedic therapeutic practice, they use turmeric as a potent anti-inflammatory agent, antioxidant, and immune system booster.
  • Antioxidants are beneficial because they protect your body from free radicals. In Ayurvedic medicine, practitioners use curcumin to neutralise free radicals in your body by blocking them directly and stimulating your body’s antioxidant systems.

Ayurvedic medicine states that other benefits of curcumin are possibly increased brain health, lowering your risk of heart disease and that it may be a useful tool in preventing cancers. There is a wide range of benefits to turmeric and the curcumin it contains. We encourage you to investigate it, as it is an exciting and enlightening journey.

About Us and Our Search for the Best Turmeric Supplement in NZ

Starting as a health journey where cutting out teas and coffees was the first step, there was soon a problem. The rituals of making excellent drinks in the morning, afternoons, or evenings were suddenly missing. The café scene was also not a part of our routines, and that soon became noticeable. There’s been much back and forth throughout the years, getting into things such as green tea, but soon realising that the caffeine was once again a problem. So, we set out to create a deliciously healthy caffeine-free hot beverage.

Whether you’re looking for healthy alternatives to your hot beverages, or merely looking for something that will suit your diet a lot better, our curcumin supplements in NZ provide you with everything you need. Call us today and order your own! You’ll have it in as little as two days.