Turmeric Latte Powder

Our Turmeric Latter Powder Is a Tasty Blend of Nature’s Goodness in a Cup

Healthy never tasted as good as our Friendly Fantail Turmeric Latte Powder. You can buy our delicious blend of spices at most organic food stores across New Zealand. If you can’t find it on a health store shelf near you, visit our online store and order it directly from us.

Problems Our Turmeric Latte Blend Addresses

Our journey started on New Year’s Eve 2015 when a severe illness became part of our lives. That’s when we began exploring the curative properties of the many treasures that nature offers.

  • After many trials, we finally got the perfect blend to suit our taste buds and aid our vitality magnificently. Turmeric remains the core ingredient in our lattes and is filled with goodness that may prevent heart disease and inflammation. The added goodness includes several valuable ingredients.
  • Ginger is an age-old hero when it comes to combating symptoms of nausea. It is also an active anti-inflammatory ingredient and may aid muscle pain and infections.
  • Cinnamon is another star when it comes to anti-inflammatory goodness. It has been reported to bring relief to muscle pains, colds and flu, arthritis, angina pains and many more. Cinnamon is also brilliant when it comes to anxiety relief, as it could reduce your stress levels. It helps to calm you down and may improve your sleep.

You can enjoy turmeric latte at home as part of your healthy eating plan.

Tips Regarding Our Turmeric Latte Blend

Our latte blend is the perfect bedtime drink, but why not try a cold turmeric latte?

  • You can enjoy our certified organic blend at any time of the day. It is free from gluten, dairy, preservatives, nuts and refined sugar. It is pure goodness made on local NZ soil. Just half a teaspoon in a glass of milk brings you a tasty, healthy drink.
  • Variation is what makes life exciting, so we deliver on that too. For a bit of a change, you can always try our Friendly Fantail Turmeric and Cacao Latte. Our handcrafted drink contains the goodness of added cacao and black pepper. Hot or cold, this drink is not only a healthy treat to your taste buds but also a superfood.
  • We provide a range of recipes to excite your taste buds and your health. Try our turmeric latte muffins for delicious home-made goodness on a plate.

When you start experimenting with recipes, you’ll soon find that the options are endless, the flavours are exciting, and the contributions to your health are invaluable.

About Friendly Fantail

The best way to show a specific direction is when you have taken the journey yourself and is precisely why Friendly Fantail came into existence. Serious health concerns forced us to make our food choices from a new perspective. We’ve experimented, tried and often failed, but we persevered. The result of it all was so tasty that our friends wanted to buy it from us, but we don’t want to stop here.

Visit our site from the comfort of your home. You can find out more about possibilities and benefits, stockist and fantastic recipes to get you going on your journey to health.